“Floor protector is a product made for the optimal protection of your floors”

Floor protector is a product made from the strongest type of Kraft paper and is combined with a plastic coating on both sides. Originally, misprints of fruit juice packaging were used for this purpose but due to trademark protection this is no longer allowed. At present we are producing a floor protector from new materials but also from printed materials which we cover with a dark plastic layer. The big advantage for our customers is the flexibility that we now offer concerning thickness, width, number of m² per roll but also a variety of different qualities.

Due to the excellent moisture and impact resistance, the positive properties of the conventional protective products such as cardboard, foil and carpet have been merged into one floor protector. This material is ideal for protecting your floors when building work such as:

  • (Re) construction
  • Plastering
  • Painting
  • Etc.