White / Brown (heavy)

Stucloper White / Brown is a product made of the strong paper type Kraft in combination with a transparent PE layer on both sides. Stucloper heavy is a perfect surface for heavier work. The material is often used for large jobs, such as renovation and (re) construction.

Stucloper Wit/Bruin

Product description

Stucloper White / Brown is easy to roll out, use and remove. Stucloper provides optimal protection for floors, stairs and walls. The plaster is also water-repellent, moisture-resistant and impact-resistant.


Due to its excellent moisture resistance and impact resistance, it contains all the positive properties of the standard protection products such as cardboard, construction film and coverings, but then combined in one. Due to the white top, the reflection of the light is optimal during painting.


Stucloper is not suitable for newly laid floors such as porous stones, natural stones, clay tiles and concrete.

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Available in













Self adhesive

35sqm, 50sqm, 60sqm and 75sqm

± 65cm, 100cm or 130cm

250 - 280 grams per m²


Coated on both sides, coated on one side or uncoated





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